Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the fathers in my life on Father's Day 2011.

Grandfather, fathers, and sons.

Dear Dad,

I have always felt lucky to be your daughter.

We may not have had the most conventional relationship, but it was the kind I needed the most. You were a fantastic stay-at-home dad who was always there for me, wanting to hear about my day. Education was always the most important thing to you, and you made it the most important thing to me. Your encouragement made me never, ever doubt that I would go to college, and even get my Master's degree. The stories of your travels inspired that same love of traveling in me as well, and I have seen so much of the world because of you.

There are so many characteristics in myself that I can attribute to you, and I am forever grateful to that. I want you to know that I am going to do my very best to raise George to appreciate the parts of life you have shown me how to love.


Your Daughter

Rob and George, hanging out on the activity mat.

Dear El Hub,

We may only be a few months into this parenthood thing, but it really does feel like a lifetime, doesn't it? Technically it has been the length of George's lifetime, so let's just go with it.

I never once doubted that you would be an exceptional father, and you have never once proven me wrong. Through all the stress, the sleepless nights, the doctor visits, the tears, you have done your very best to be there every step of the way. Seeing in George's face just how very much he loves you and is comforted by your very presence is such a blessing, and I hope you are always able to remember and cherish this raw love. Especially when he's teething a toddler a teenager growing up and these memories become more distant.

Thank you for being the father of this blissful child.


The Girl

Tummy time.

Dear George,

I hope you won't become a father for a very, very long time. But when you do have your own child someday, I hope it helps you understand just how much these men love you.



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  1. I love your stories granddaughter. You are a great wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter. I love the way blue, blue eyes George has. There is no way they will ever be brown. Love you, Nana