Monday, December 19, 2011

The eyes play tricks.

My boys.

El Hub decided to wake me up this morning by placing a thrashing baby whose nails badly need to be clipped in bed next to me. A few weeks ago, I asked him not to shave over the holidays (he usually only shaves on Mondays) so I can get to enjoy his beard, which he sadly dislikes growing out, especially while he is working.

Victoria: ...mmrrmmmm...
El Hub: Time to wake up!
George: *thrash*
Victoria: *mumble mumble* Mondays are stupid.
George: *flail*
Victoria: Did you at least not shave today?
El Hub: Oh, I totally shaved.
Victoria: NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo whyyyyyyyyy you're only working one day this week. *buries face in pillow to dramatically mourn a week's worth of facial hair growth*
George: *smash*
El Hub: You are so blind without your glasses. *grabs my hand, rubs it against his unshaven face*
Victoria: YAY!
El Hub: I also laughed at you but you couldn't see that either.
George: *bite*

I am okay with that. Well, the laughing at me. The biting, not so much a fan, especially now that kiddo has three teeth.

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