Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Seasonal consignment sales are my favorite way to shop for clothes for George. A DOLLAR. This shirt was a dollar. Maybe someday he'll get a real tattoo version of it.

And as for that bottle, it is almost time to wean him off of it. All of that stress about breastfeeding and combo feeding and eventually going exclusively formula feeding ended months ago when we made that final decision. But now we get to officially bow out of the front lines of the milk wars.

I keep procrastinating on weaning him off of the bottle. Some of it has been logistical in terms of what milk we would switch to and prioritizing getting his naps back on track first. But part of it is that I am reluctant to let one of these last bits of baby-hood go. After this, all that will be left is the walking milestone before he will truly seem more like a toddler.

But he will always be my baby.

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