Monday, June 18, 2012

Surprisingly sweet sleepy toddler.

George in the ball pit.

George officially switched to one nap a day a few weeks ago. Around 12:30pm each day, we need to be ready to put him down for a three hour nap, or the world ends. It's been interesting learning more about this stage, but it hasn't been fun for George on the days in which he doesn't get enough rest. (Or for me either. SLEEP CHILD SLEEP.) Sorry, butternut.

Today he had a bit of a meltdown right before I began putting him down for his nap, a sure sign he was veering into overtired territory. I anticipated a terrible fight trying to get him into a fresh diaper and sleepsack (I was right), reading him a book (I was right), and singing him a lullaby (I was wrong).

George snuggled up against me and laid his head in the crook of my neck in a way he lately only ever does in the middle of the night when he's not feeling well. I sang to him and caught his little smile out of the corner of my eye. George lifted his head and pursed his lips in the way he does when he is asking for a kiss. I obliged, and then he laid his head down while I continued singing. Then he lifted his head again for another kiss. We repeated this at least a dozen times, with him smiling a little smile each time.

Sometimes they surprise you. It's the best.

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