Monday, August 27, 2012

Siesta Key.

So life has been uber duper crazy lately. El Hub is working all the time (like, right now as I type this at 11pm on Monday night), my parents' lives are in a state of flux right now, throw in some health issues because those are always fun - that kind of crazy.

You know what's nice when life gets crazy? A vacation.

Thanks to a very kind friend of my mom's, we got to spend a week at the beach near where I grew up. El Hub even took off a couple of days from work to spend the first part of it with us. George and I were originally slated to go with him middway through the week, but then I smacked myself silly for not thinking to take advantage of staying the whole week. Hope my mom actually wanted us to stay the whole week, because that's exactly what we did. I also hope she wanted my oldest nieces camping out in the condo's living room, because that's exactly what they did. Basically, it was like my childhood on steroids with a kid of my own in the mix, just a three minute walk from the beach.

Lots of playing in the sand.

DSC_3676 edited

DSC_3689 edited

DSC_3683 edited

DSC_3948 former raw

Lots of goofiness.

DSC_3820 former raw

DSC_3721 former raw

DSC_3670 former raw

Yes, that is El Hub working on vacation. Go see the first paragraph about him working all the time.

Lots of family photos.

Our family, August 2012.

DSC_3950 former raw



Lots of hanging out at the beach during sunsets.

DSC_4021 former raw

DSC_3802 former raw

George at sunset on Siesta Key beach.

Me and George, silhouettes on the beach.

Now it's back to the busy life and the temptation to get caught up in it all again. I'm grateful for these photos, and for the memories of George running into the surf, laughing with the girls and my mom, a couple of lazy days with El Hub, and the feel of the breeze at the beach. I'll try to remember how it all felt on this trip the next time I feel that pull of life's craziness.

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