Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas 2012.

Well, this is only almost a month late! But I know I'd be kicking myself later if I never bothered to record this for posterity, so here's the requisite Christmas post.

Last year I wrote about George's first Christmas, and mentioned that "I can only imagine how much more fun it will become in the future as George grows and he 'gets' it more." High five to my past self for acknowledging the limits of my imagination, because I could not have anticipated how much he would enjoy it this year. And trust me, he still did not get it. No clue who Santa is, or that the "twee!" was a Christmas tree, or that there are other presents to open after the first one. That last one we had a pickle of a time with because all of the family members gathered were so excited to see the little one tear into their present to him, while George just wanted to play with the last present his was given. Whoops.

We hosted it at our house again, and my lovely MIL cooked again. Both sides of our family congregated at our house. By the end of the day, it looked like a toy bomb hit it (still does nearly a month later, to be honest). This year differed in that we went to visit my dad later on in the evening. All in all, it was a lovely holiday, two enthusiastic thumbs up, would do again.

Here, have some photos of our big ole' family Christmas:

Our 2012 Christmas tree.

Mickey ornament.

Sitting down for dinner.

Our family at Christmas.

Present time.

A stroller for Mr. Owl.

Christmas with Dad.

Christmas with Dad.

Rob, George, and me in front of the tree.

Rob kissing my cheek.

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