Thursday, February 7, 2013

George's first time meeting Mickey (and first trip to Hollywood Studios).

So, this happened:

Me, George, and Sorcerer Mickey.

What you don't see is everything that lead up to this moment. This was George's first time at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it was on my bucket list for him to finally meet Mickey. To give you some context, the kid loves Mickey.

He even took some of his first steps while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

George will hand us the television remote and ask for Mickey. The kid knows what he wants. So when I told him he was going to meet Mickey, I didn't necessarily think he knew what was coming, but I did know it was going to make an impact.

And it did. George's eyes lit up as soon as he saw Mickey Mouse. Squeals of "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Miiiiiiiiickeeeeeey!" began emanating from his smiling mouth.

Here's the problem - young toddlers don't understand the concept of lines. He was viewing Mickey from the end of the queue, and there were quite a few families ahead of his. I tried distracting him with toys, including one of his favorite little Mickey figurines. Despite my best efforts, the tears were revving up, and the toddler flinging himself out of my arms and trying to literally claw the floor in an effort to escape my arms in order to photobomb some poor family's long-awaited photo with Mickey.


Luckily, we went with fantastic friends who encouraged me to take George for a little walk while they held our place in line with their own comparatively calmer toddlers. This was the break George needed to not melt down into a puddle of distraught apocalyptic toddler ooze. When we returned, there were only a couple folks ahead of us. George wriggled as he watched his two little friends go ahead of them. One ran straight up to Mickey, all smiles and happiness. The next was slightly more apprehensive, but still game. And then there was George.

George took off running towards Mickey. And then he stopped short. It all caught up to him, the emotional wait, my promises that he would meet his favorite character that day, and the realization that there was his beloved Mickey Mouse towering over him. He was frozen to the carpet, before deciding to do something that shocked me.

George shared his Mickey toy with Mickey Mouse.

He took that Mickey toy, gently placed it on the floor in front of his idol, and stepped back. And Mickey kneeled down, picked it up, and showed it to George. And George was happy.

I'm writing this as a ghost, because the cute killed me.

He was still apprehensive, so I got in there and held George while introducing him to Mickey Mouse. We even got him to kiss Mickey's nose:

George kissing Mickey on the nose.

Yup. I'm dead. But what a magical way to go.

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