Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My requirements for a dog

Rob, that funny husband of mine, seems convinced that I will love a dog. People, I am a cat person. But Rob has had both dogs and cats, and he seems convinced that once we have kids that a family dog will become part of the equation as well. Unfortunately, my history with dogs isn't as positive as his. When I was a kid, I was run down by a labrador. A labrador! Aren't those supposed to be one of the friendlier breeds? And I wasn't doing anything but running around with my friend in her yard. LAME. I also once walked a shih tzu and it randomly went crazy and bit a man who walked past us. Yeesh. So dogs have made me skittish ever since.

If I were to ever have a dog, here are my requirements:

1) I am not afraid of it.
2) The cats rule it and are not made anxious by it.
3) It does not drool.
4) It does not jump on me or other people.
5) It does not shed worse than the cats.
6) It does not bark much.
7) It is trained to understand and respond appropriately to "no, sit, heel," and so on.

It should probably be cuddly and not bony in order to have a better shot at me ever loving it. Unfortunately, Rob wants a big guard dog. That doesn't sound cuddly.

I'll think of more requirements.

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  1. I somehow wandered across your blog on this lazy, too, too hot summer day.
    First, cat people have difficult transitions to becoming dog people, although it is possible.
    Second, IF--and it's a big if--you are able to factor out the no drooling rule, I have a dog that will appease both you and your husband--a boxer. It was my new husband's and my wedding gift to each other.
    Charlie is GROSS--all caps--but is the most lovable, obedient dog ever.
    You can read about him in my blog. I give him a lot of flack, but I wouldn't trade him in, even for a Prada bag and Jimmy Choo heels.
    I love him that much.
    But he really is gross.