Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My days at Disney.

I worked at Disney as a cast member for 5 years and loved it. I started on the College Program and then transitioned to various seasonal positions. My final position was the best, in my biased opinion - I worked evenings at the Yacht and Beach Club, driving a group around the Epcot canal waterway system to see the Epcot IllumiNations fireworks.

I got my first recommendation on my LinkedIn page. Someone I used to work with at Disney when I was driving the pontoon boats for private parties to see Epcot IllumiNations, said the following:

"I have worked with many different people while at Walt Disney World over the past years. Some very dedicated, and some just looking for a paycheck. Victoria is one of the few who truly believed in the Disney magic and whether on stage or back stage, she was always a positive force. She was always cheerful, bright and very guest orientated. She is an asset to any company that is lucky enough to have her."

I squealed the happiest of squeals when I read that. I will never stop missing Disney, and if the right opportunity ever presented itself, I would return. I miss playing at Disney too - I haven't been in several months.

That will be rectified soon. I sent the boy a Google Calendar invite for a day at Disney next weekend, after we've wound down from Easter weekend.

(Yes, this is how my husband and I roll when it comes to event planning in our marriage - the geeky, organized way.)

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