Thursday, October 15, 2009

The power of the sound of a baby whining.

I love dooce's blog because she's funny. (What can I say, that's all I ask for from my entertainment people, make me laugh. Now!) Her second baby is now four months old, and boy, dooce is even funnier when she's sleep deprived, but she's also mean-spiritedly aiming to give you seizures and make you prone to violence by listening to a clip of said four month old baby whining.

I was playing the audioclip on my laptop, and my husband, who was 1) on the other side of the house and 2) raiding in World of Warcraft with 3) his headphones on, jumped up from the computer to check on me because he thought I must have been in pain or having a nightmare.

That is the power of Marlo's whining.

Oh dooce, your blog posts even lead to funny times in my own home. You are GOOD!

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