Sunday, November 22, 2009

My hard drive died, so here is a photo of me from back when I was a happy person with a working computer.

Enjoying the late afternoon sun.

This is a picture of me from a couple of weeks ago (and also the picture I used on the back of my moo cards), back when I was still carefree and had a working computer. Oh, how I miss those days!

My hard drive died on Friday. My wonderful husband did his best to revive it, but the best he could do was pull my files off of it. Which of course, I am insanely grateful for. So now we're trying to decide what to do next - just replace my hard drive? Get me a laptop? I have a four year old Powerbook that I have loved to pieces but has never had the processing power to handle the stress I put my desktop through when I'm editing photos, writing and doing research. So, get me a laptop and dock it at my dual monitors for when I want to do my heavier computing tasks? That's certainly the most (horrifyingly) expensive option, but it's also probably the most sensible for the long term. We're also thinking about getting a NAS to back up our data, which is a great opportunity for my husband to geek out.

Okay, enough emotional catharsis through writing, and on to the photo.

This is Straight Out Of the Camera. I went out in my backyard and played with sunlight. Depending on which direction I faced and how I angled my camera, I got some really neat effects. This one turned out with warm colors, and my hair looks very dark here. I had white balance set on auto because I got tired of re-measuring everytime I turned around, but on this one, I think it would have been useful as it would have toned down the warmth a smidge.

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