Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A different sort of wedding flowers.

A different sort of wedding flowers.

Our wedding in October 2008 has been on my mind lately - or, my wedding dress has been, since I'm trying to get up the motivation to sell it. I'm not the sort of person to hold onto the dress for sentimental reasons - I have tons of lovely photos of me in the dress for that.

I had almost forgotten about this picture. These are hair pins that I bought for the wedding, not realizing they didn't quite go with the champagne shade of my dress. Just a relic, hanging around my office. It's too bad they never got their turn to be worn, but they're not my style. Perhaps I should throw them in as a freebie for whoever buys my wedding dress. This is what I wrote about the hair pins when I received them, before I had compared them to the dress:

"I'm picky about how I like my flowers. I only want them in my home if they're in a vase, not adorning my walls or my bedspread or my keychain or any other place you can slap an applique. But I love these hair pins.

"But I love these hair pins. I think the color will match my dress perfectly, and the pearl in the center will match the pearls I will wear (appropriate for my June birthday as well).

"No clue how I am doing my hair yet. I am waiting for the two-tier veil to come in so then I can do a hair trial with my stylist."

I love time traveling through my photography and writing.

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