Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First haircut.

Technically this was his second haircut. His first haircut occurred several days earlier, after El Hub nagged me yet again about George's crazy curls. I took a little pair of scissors to the kiddo's mullet curls and El Hub was still not satisfied. Meanie.

George's pre-haircut curls (and snack).

George's pre-haircut curls.

Man, those curls. But El Hub seldom asks for anything, and he had been asking for this for months. And a dear friend offered to help us go to the Magic Kingdom Barbershop to take advantage of the first haircut experience they offer.

Magic Kingdom Barber Shop.

Check out the barbershop quartet of pumpkins up there. Hey yo to Halloween.

Being bribed with a car toy distraction.

It's Disney, so they naturally see a lot of kids. Which means the hair stylists are well versed in the ways of soothing nervous toddlers. AKA bribing them with toys.


Not even paying attention to his temporary mohawk.

George gives Dada a sticker.

George felt his dada could be improved with a few Mickey Mouse stickers. Good call, buddy.

Momma breaks out the stickers.

This momma right here handed the camera over so there could be some photographic proof that I was indeed there that day.


The only time George became concerned was during the buzzing of the trimmer. But the lure of the Lightning McQueen toy was too much for him to do anything about his concern.

Freshly shorn.

Ta da! And he got a Mickey hat for his first haircut experience. And we got a lock of his hair to take home and skeeve him out with it when he's in high school.

"My 1st Haircut"

Our big boy and his new haircut.

He's growing up. Eating pretzels. Getting big boy haircuts. Sitting on stools by himself. Saying Mickey Mouse and shouting about cars. It's amazing, and I love it. I love this kid.

The pretzel didn't stand a chance.

And he's pretty amusing, too. Om nom nom, kid.

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