Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

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George's trick or treating began at a visit to my dad. This may be one of my favorite photos, ever. Some of my favorite people, in a beautifully happy moment. I pinky swear we didn't match their clothes on purpose.

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Then we went home to hit up the neighbors and wow them with our son's cuteness. But first, I handed the camera over to my mom to get a few photos.

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We call this a George sandwich. We usually do it because George sees up kiss, gets upset, and then insists we pick him up and give him affection. He's bossy, but he has cuteness working in his favor (for now).

DSC_5014 edited

Our little Mickey Mouse.

DSC_5010 edited

One of our neighbors gave George a car instead of candy. In the past few weeks while out on walks, George has been given: bubbles, balls, a toy truck, non-Halloween candy, and now a toy truck. It's good to be a charming toddler, apparently.

We walked all the way around the block, which is just about a marathon for a toddler. Or for a tired parent who carries a clingy toddler who refuses to walk because all the trick or treaters are weirding him out. But we got to see lots of neighbors and fun costumes, so we called it worth it.

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Plus, candy. When we got home, we heard a candy wrapper rustling and then saw that George had a lollipop in his mouth. And that would be how we learned that George can take the wrapper off a lollipop.

Happy Halloween!

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