Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This may be my favorite holiday thanks to its simplicity of expressing our gratitude while spending time with loved ones. It's been a rough several months here for our family, and I am grateful we are all here today to reflect on the changes in our lives. And on a lighter note, the awesome food doesn't hurt the holiday either.

Busted Dad out when the girls were in town a couple weeks ago.

I'm thankful for family visits. For a safe and healthy place for my dad to live.


I'm thankful for George sandwiches.

George, Mr. Owl, and his lovey.

I'm thankful for a happy and healthy toddler.

Rob FaceTime-ing with George.

I'm thankful our kiddo has a goofball dad who loves him to bits.

DSC_4299 former raw

My friend Erin is entertaining the kiddos.

I'm thankful for friends.

"My 1st Haircut"

I'm thankful for Disney and beginning to fulfill the awesomeness of introducing the kiddo to the parks I love so much (DISNEY!).

DSC_4875 former raw

And I'm thankful I'm here. It's a good place to be.

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