Monday, November 8, 2010

The seemingly impossible search for seating for the nursery.

Why, why, why are gliders so ugly? The exposed wood screams nursery, which doesn't bode well for the furniture's future in our house. The padding tends to read as dated. And the cost! I refuse to spend $300 or more for something I would only use for a few years since it would never be allowed to live outside of our kiddo's room.

I'm sure it is uber comfortable, but I just do not want to spend that much money on something I will loathe looking at every day.

So, I have been on the hunt for a safe, comfortable, aesthetically appealing, budget-friendly seating solution for the nursery. Safe, since it seems like a good idea to minimize the number of doctor and hospital visits for my future kiddo. Comfortable, since I like to actually sit in seats, and if it is uncomfortable, then I do not sit very long. Aesthetically appealing, since I am a picky, picky lady. And budget-friendly because, well, I try not to make my credit card cry TOO much.

I was hoping to magically find the perfect solution when El Hub and I were registering at Babies "R" Us the other day. In fact, I did end up registering for the Newco Jayden Upholstered Recliner after 1) sitting in it, 2) being wowed at the all-in-one design with the popout foot rest, and 3) not going into cardiac arrest at the site of the price. But after sitting in it and reading the reviews and remembering I want to use a nursing stool instead of an ottoman-style footrest, I still think it's pretty pricey for the quality, comfort, and aesthetics, so I think I will end up taking it off the registry.

Newco Jayden Upholstered Recliner

Everything else at BRU was too pricey for my liking, so that leaves regular furniture stores and, of course, the internet. And, of course, which option have I pursued? The internet, because I am tired and vastly prefer shopping from the comfort of my couch. Searches for non-ugly gliders lead me a few options, including the Urban Outfitters Mid-Century Rocker, Ikea's Poang Rocking Chair, and Dorel Monaco Bentwood Rocking Chair.

Urban Outfitters Mid-Century Rocker

Ikea's Poang Rocking Chair

Dorel Monaco Bentwood Rocking Chair

I love, love, love the look of the mid-century rocker, but it has its downsides just like every other choice. The cushions like the play slip and slide, but I would happily slap on some velcro before calling it a day. A more considerable concern is that the back does not go up very high, so it is not possible to rest your head. As one reviewer commented, that is a feature exhausted parents might desperately want during those 3 a.m. feedings.

The IKEA and Dorel rockers are certainly more to my visual liking than most options, but I cannot say I love them as much as the mid-century rocker. I just feel a bit meh about them. The price is nicer (especially the Dorel), but not even that has me hopping up and down for either of them screaming, "YAY! MY CHAIR SOULMATE!" 'Cause they're not. We'd eventually hit some tough times in our relationship and get a Craigslist divorce, which completely annihilates my goal of finding a piece of furniture that would have a permanent spot in our home.

So, any recommendations? Help a gal out here.

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