Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby shower, AKA an excuse to gather together to ooh over cute baby stuff.

Baby showers, yay! Coed baby showers where I don't have the be the sole subject of attention, double yay! Coed baby showers at our house where we can show off the nursery, triple yay! Coed baby showers at our house where a ton of our friends and family gather together to celebrate their love for us and our unborn Butternut, quadruple yay!

So yes, I must say I enjoyed our baby shower this past weekend. My advice to mamas-to-be regarding having the shower at your house - only do this if you want to guarantee being exhausted. Our super awesome hostess came in from out of town and whipped most of it into shape with the help of family and friends that came over beforehand, but there were still issues that cropped up and things that only I could clean up. So. Bear that in mind. And maybe eat something sugary to help you cope. That's what I did.





"Gooooooood diaper cake." *pat pat pat*



Good times, people. I had never been to a coed baby shower before, but I knew I wanted one because I couldn't imagine celebrating the impending addition to our family without having the guys in our lives there as well as the ladies. It made the event feel a little more casual, but I absolutely adored that about the day. The event reminded me a bit of our wedding - all these people coming together to celebrate and share their love with us. But I got to wear more comfortable clothes. WOOHOO!

Now Butternut just needs to make his actual appearance. Maybe by then I will have written the thank you cards.

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