Monday, May 2, 2011

2 months.

2 months.

George is two months old today. I thought about switching out the blanket for something less wrinkly, but frankly? Our lives are kind of wrinkled right now. And we roll with it. I would rather hang out with my baby than fret too much about tidying up. So this is a pretty good representation of our lives today.

George is eight weeks and five days old today. At around seven weeks old, he started smiling real smiles at us. He makes us feel like we've won the lottery every time he grins that grin at us. He is 23 inches long and weighed in at 8 pounds and 11 ounces today. I worry about his weight sometimes when I play the let's-compare-babies game at playgrounds, but his pediatrician and pediatric gastroenterologist tell us he is growing great.

Speaking of his gastroenterologist, we figured out a few weeks ago that George has silent reflux, and it's been causing him a terrible amount of discomfort. We are figuring out the routine that works for him to help minimize his pain, and it is like having a brand new baby. After weeks of wondering why he was so unhappy and what we were doing wrong, we are so grateful to have figured it out, and even more grateful that he seems to be much happier.

Also, see the little bandaids on his legs? George had his two month shots today. Terrible! He fussed and slept a lot - and even cried in his sleep, but after a few hours, settled down enough to get his cuddle mode on.

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