Monday, August 15, 2011

Prized possession.

We are super duper amazingly rottenly spoiled by my mother because she looks after George frequently for us. El Hub works crazy hours, so if I have a doctor's appointment or a board meeting during the week, it is usually my child's Mammaw rather than my child's Daddy who can keep an eye on the kiddo while I go play with the adults. Plus, on the weekends when we want to see a movie in a real movie theater where there are no babies letting us know they want food and attention and naps, my mom watches him then as well. See? SPOILED.

But I know the day will arrive when we have to hire a babysitter. And I know babysitters are making a lot more than I used to make. And a LOT more than my own babysitters used to earn. My mother remembers paying my sitters $2 an hour and complaining to my Pop-Pop about how ridiculously high she felt that price was for a night out.

His response was fascinating. To preface this, he passed away when I was a young kid, so I did not get to know him as well as I would have liked. Even so I knew Pop-Pop was not the sort of person one would call sentimental. He had also never hired a babysitter in his entire life, as my mom and her sisters were only ever with their mother or their aunt.

Pop-Pop's response to my mother's complaint about high school girls raiding her wallet in exchange for keeping an eye on me? According to my mom, he said "She is your prized possession. She's worth the money."

Well! Thanks for thinking so highly of me, Pop-Pop. Also, wow. I wish I could chat with you now and find out what you would think of your great-grandson. And also ask why you never let me play with the electric model boat you built.

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