Sunday, August 28, 2011

ZOMG parenting philosophies overload, AKA pears are yummy.

Purees! Baby-led weaning! You will let the baby choke if you hand him that pear! He will never learn how to chew if you spoon feed him purees! The sky is falling!

Sorry. I just cannot resist poking fun at the mommy wars. And the term "mommy wars" in general. I could check with El Hub, but I am pretty sure he is involved in some of these same decisions we make about raising our baby. But "parent wars" does not have the same ring to it.


Pears are yummy.

Slightly steamed pear slice (steamed only because the raw slices were too hard and slippery for him to hold onto very long). He went to town on it. Fun times were had. We have been doing oatmeal cereal for a few weeks now, but George is all about shoving objects in his mouth, so we are capitalizing on that by throwing a little baby-led weaning into our routine.

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