Saturday, February 18, 2012

A big birthday gift for a big baby boy.

Kids come with lots of accessories. Lots of little accessories. Including little toys that make the living room look like Santa's workshop exploded. Little toys that we accidentally step on while exclaiming not-so-child-friendly expletives. I fear the age when Legos will be George's favorite toys, solely because of how much one of those will hurt under my bare foot.

My parents are graciously offering to go in the complete opposite direction of tiny toys for George's first birthday. They want to splurge on a big toy that George will grow with and enjoy for years to come. So, what do we think George will love and play with for a long time? THE PRESSURE IS ON!

No, seriously. I have no clue. My friends who have toddlers have graciously allowed me to pick their brains, and it seems to come down to sandboxes, playhouses, play kitchens, and train tables.

Any advice? What does your kid love to play with? (On the upside, I won't have to worry about stepping on these. Stubbing my toe on them is probably the more likely way I can hurt myself. Free bruises for clumsy people everywhere!)

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