Monday, February 13, 2012

Five years after that first date.

Five years ago and one day ago, El Hub and I went on our first date.

I do not like being tickled.

It is kind of surreal. Five years seems so long, but then I realize that, health and hard work and luck permitting, we may be together for another 50.

George is like, "Hey.  What are we up to here?"

At dinner - in our kitchen, next to our baby who was gleefully throwing food on the floor and aboutthisclose to a meltdown because of shoddy naps - El Hub gave me daps for completing his five year plan of getting married, having a house, and raising a baby.


On that first date, neither of us had any idea where it would be going. I honestly do not think either of us would have ever guessed it would be here. (Okay, that makes us sound like pessimists. Which, El Hub kind of is, but he calls it being a realist. SEMANTICS. But seriously, we were [and are] not the type of people who going into a new relationship thinking this will be the ONE! My ONLY! My twue wuv!)

(You think I am joking? This is what I wrote in my journal after the date - "Yes, I went on a date. It didn't suck. I call that progress. He likes to hit the snooze button on his alarm a lot. He doesn't like to talk on the phone.")

Me, George, and Rob.

We appreciated the little things that night, like the snooze button being awesome and the telephone being lame. On that date, we didn't get to the big stuff that make relationships tick for years to come - the topics like health, communication, religion, intimacy, money, kids that can all make or break relationships.

Double kisses.

That is what we have spent the past five years exploring. And that is what I hope we will spend the next 50 years exploring. The energy, time, and love we have put into our relationship in the past five years has brought us to an amazing place. I want to see where else we can go.

Me and Rob, nearly five years in the making.
Photos by Hollie at Soleil Photography

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