Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.

From us.

Here, have a heart.

"Here, have my heart."


  1. I'm in love. With George. Sigh....why don't I think of these cute photo opps?

    1. Confession: I didn't think of it until 4:30pm on Valentine's Day just as my mom was getting ready to head back home. She was generously willing to wait for me to run to Hobby Lobby, buy a foam heart for a buck, a red frame, and run home to take the photos, print one out for the frame, and send it with her to give to my dad for Valentine's Day. I think the award goes to my mom here, heh!

      If I had thought of it earlier I would have done a photo op playdate. I want to work on my photography skills, holidays and props seem like great reasons :) Should have thought of it a few months ago before the holiday season!

  2. SO stinkin cute! He's getting so big! It's been forever since we've seen you guys. Hope to meet up soon! (speaking of, don't we both live downtown? let's meet up!!!)

  3. He is ADORABLE! Can't wait to meet you guys one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)