Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day.

A year and two months since I became a mother to this little butternut. Three years ago, babies were just a vague, hopeful idea on the horizon. Two years ago, I was in the beginning of what would become a devastating miscarriage. A year ago, I was learning how to live with a beautiful, unbelievably perplexing newborn. This year, that baby is on the cusp of becoming a toddler. Walking, babbling, signing when he wants milk or more food, taking joy in the most random bits of life in our world. He is one of my greatest gifts.

My own mother is one of my other greatest gifts. George was only a couple of weeks old when it began to hit me how supportive my mom has always been of me and my life. It has been a joy to watch her love George as his Mammaw since before he was even born, and I hope we all get to experience her love for many healthy years to come. (P.S. super duper sorry for being a bratty kid and annoying teenager. Oops.)

As well as the love of all the other wonderful women in our lives. George's Nana and Big Nana, the two most formative women of El Hub's childhood years, love George to bits. And the friends I have made over the past year dote on George as well, they know his allergies and his favorite foods and the way he kicks his legs when he's happy. I am grateful to all the mothers in our lives.

Happy Mother's Day.

Brand new baby.

Motherhood so far.

Mother's Day 2011, Part 4.
Rob, George, and George's Nana Darlene

Mother's Day 2011, Part 1.
George, George's Mammaw Diane, and me.

Me and Mister George.

Mammaw and George.
Mammaw and George.

Me and my pensive baby.

George and I on Christmas Eve.

George's 1st Birthday Party (34 of 36)
George and his Big Nana Bess.

Great American Pie Festival 2012 in Celebration, Florida.

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