Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Mother's Day.

Did you know Mother's Day is one of the busiest restaurant days of the year? It makes sense, mothers don't want to clean the house and cook in the kitchen on a day when we would prefer to relax. But going to a restaurant, waiting for a table, waiting for service, waiting for food... Spending the day waiting doesn't seem very relaxing either. (Confession: I totally own to prodding El Hub to make reservations somewhere, but when that didn't happen, we went with this plan B. He's a lucky man.)

And luck was on our side. My mom suggested a picnic, and the weather threatened storms enough to cool off the Florida heat but never actually rained on us. The park was beautiful, and we were able to snag a picnic table. The overcast sky even provided ideal conditions for midday photos. Perfection.

George and his Nana on Mother's Day.
George walking is a delightful novelty to his Nana. I was like, check ya later, I'll take your photo while my butt stays planted on the bench.

Mother's Day picnic.
George still throws a lot of his food, so we made sure to put him far away from us. Or maaaaaaaybe the straps to his booster wouldn't work on a bench and this was the safest alternative. Definitely one of those two options.

The lake at Cypress Grove Park.
Cypress Grove Park is one of the prettiest parks I have ever had the joy of seeing.

The matriarchs of our families.
The matriarchs of our families.

My mom and me on Mother's Day.
My momma.

The lake at Cypress Grove Park.
Did I mention this place is beautiful? It is. Fact.

Throwing George in the air.
George skipped his morning nap today (WHY GEORGE WHY) so by the end of our lunch, he was beginning to lose his tumultuous toddler mind. Clearly, throwing him in the air was the answer.

Three generations.
And then we tried to wrangle a few more photos out of this overtired baby. He hammed it up at first.

George and his Mammaw on Mother's Day.
You think he's staring lovingly at his Mammaw, right? Perhaps. Or perhaps he's a nanosecond away from reaching out and snatching those glasses off her face. It could be both.

George and his momma.Thanks, Mom, for standing next to El Hub as he took this photo and making hilarious distracting noises to perk George up and make him happy for one final photo. Love you, Mom.

All in all, a lovely Mother's Day. Here's hoping next year's is just as awesome (except maybe with more napping).

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