Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drowning in a sea of pictures.

So, yeah, got married last weekend. I haven't been motivated to write about it at all, not even for my own sake. The wedding was beautiful and we were surrounded by people who love us. It really doesn't get much better than that (unless maybe it had all been free, not just for us but any loved ones who might have wanted to contribute. People, I love FREE STUFF!).

We don't have our professional pictures back, but I don't feel like waiting much longer before I start posting pictures like a mad woman. Here are a few current favorites of mine supplied by friends and family.

Getting our nails done:

A Visit to the Spa

At the rehearsal:


At the rehearsal dinner:

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

Before the wedding ceremony:

Victoria's Wedding- Rehearsal Dinner 010

Victoria crying due to painful contacts.  Honestly.


Wedding Ceremony:

Larry's Favorite Pic


Victoria's Wedding- Rehearsal Dinner 045

Ah, well, this already got a bit picture heavy, eh? Pictures of the reception and mini-moon to come! In the meantime, let's hope our pro pictures come in.

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  1. Hi there! I'm sorry I can't remember if I left you a comment before (I found you through your friend Kelly's blog). Just wanted to say a huge congrats on your wedding. You are a beautiful bride!!!!! It must be so hard to wait on the professional pics! I'm getting married in May and really looking forward to it. I noticed at the end of you post you mentioned something you called the "mini-moon." Are you going on a bigger one later??? I ask because we are trying to do something like that. We want to go to Italy but not at the time of year we're getting married, so we're waiting til October. But we still want to do something honey-moony. But for the sake of money and vacation days, it can't be too extravagant. Anyway maybe we can have a chat about it :)
    Congrats again and I love your blog!