Thursday, October 2, 2008

OPI's You Don't Know Jacques!

I have seen so many posts on this nail polish, but hey, here's another one. This is how OPI's You Don't Know Jacques! turned out:

This photographs lighter than it actually appears on the nails. I experimented with different lighting during the pictures, but I was never able to capture one that satisfied me.

I do not love it as much as I thought it would. I thought this would come out a little tawnier, or at least a bit lighter brown color. This color falls somewhere between chocolate brown and asphalt gray. I spent the entire time wearing it getting distracted by it - I would be gesticulating wildly, notice my nails, and stop to go, "Is it brown or gray?" Let me tell you, this was disarming during passionate discussions, when I most like to gesticulate wildly. It is dark enough that I knew it will drive me crazy when it starts chipping because it will be so noticeable. However, since it is fairly dark I ended up taking it off on Sunday since it is not as work-friendly as I would like.

I used CND's Stickey as a base coat again as it impressed me with my last manicure, two to three coats of Jacques!, and I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. This polish was difficult to work with - a bit runny and streaky. I have to wonder if it is my bottle because all of the Jacques! bottles where I purchased mine had separated a bit so that a transluscent orange liquid was sitting at the top. I gave it a good shake when I purchased it and it has not separated like that again. It is heavily pigmented so I only did a third coat on a couple of nails.

This is from OPI's La Collection De France for Fall 2008.

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