Saturday, August 16, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself.

Who am I?

I'm a 20-something something. Just graduated with my Master's in Public Administration. Trying to find a job amidst a see of connections with nothing to connect with since governments everywhere are slashing budgets, so getting by on odd part-time jobs instead. Getting married in less than two months, just bought our first house a few months ago. Coping with fibromyalgia syndrome which I manage in part by telling myself that exercise is medicine and that I have to take it do it. Maintaining a weight loss of about 60 pounds that began a few years ago and leveled off about a year and a half ago (in part due to that mentality about exercise is medicine). I adore reading, and having a frightening amount of books (only frightening because I've moved them so many times - FYI books are heavy). I ride the line between Windows and Mac. I've been into nail polish for ages, but only recently starting dabbling in make-up. I love my kitties. I like to keep busy.

This is a space for me to post the things I'm trying to figure out. Which is a lot. Life is busy like that.

Figuring out the details.

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