Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wedding hair trial

My wedding hair trial run went great a couple of days ago. My stylist has been doing my hair for four or five years now, and she is a curly girl herself so she gets my hair.

She's also crazy pregnant! As in, due next Monday. So I was cutting it close with this hair trial. And she isn't even officially supposed to be back to work by the time of the wedding, but she is going to come in especially to do my hair. Lisa at Salon Salon in Lake Buena Vista, Florida rocks. Tell her Victoria sent you!

Lisa and I sat down at the start of my appointment to chat about what I wanted. I brought along pictures of styles that I liked, although none of them were "it." The only thing I knew for certain was that I wanted a half-up, half-down curly style. My hair has been growing out for years, and I want to take advantage of the length by showcasing it down. However, since I do not want it to get in the way, I also want the half-up so it will stay out of my face. The Boy enjoys my hair straight (easier to touch, he says), but he is marrying a curly girl, so I am walking down that aisle curly.

We discussed curling iron curls versus my own curls, and decided to go with my own curls. They will stay nicer throughout the day since we won't be fighting my natural hair, and they are pretty nice to begin with, if I do say so myself. The plan is to wash it, throw in some styling products, diffuse it dry, and then put it into a half-up. All in all, since I am keeping it so simple, it won't take Lisa long at all to make my hair wedding-ready.

Super pregnant Lisa had to sit down while having me lean over so she could blow dry my hair. Hilarious!

Good grief, I have a lot of hair.

The finished result. The bit of orange in there is a hair toy Lisa had handy. She wants me to buy a two shiny hair toys that we can put on either side of the little twist she did in the back. Now the hunt is on to find two hair toys that will suit my hair and my dress.

And from the back.

Exciting stuff. It is very nice to have one more thing checked off the list, even if this one did create an addition to do item (find hair toys). We also confirmed my mom and maid of honor's hair appointments for the day of the wedding. Lisa will not be working on them, but two other highly recommended stylists will be instead. One is great with curly hair so she will be doing my mom's hair, and the other is known for her updos, half-updos, and so on so she will style my maid of honor.

So many other things to do... Really need to write out an updated to do list.


  1. you have fabulous hair! good on you for staying true to the curl in you on your day... i'll need some serious curl-ironing to get anywhere near your volume, but also want to go with my (wavy, in-between) flow. enjoy your masses of hair, i'm jealous!

  2. Hey redframe, thank you! I definitely have my days that are lacking hair volume - it's dependent on the weather, how I let my hair dry, what products I use. I find that if I blow dry my hair with a diffuser and use products with silicones, I get the most volume. Unfortunately, the heat from the dryer is not so great for the health of my hair, so sometimes I will wash my hair just before bed and drape it up over the top of my pillow and let it dry like that over night. That way my hair isn't fighting gravity as it air-dries. Try it sometime!