Monday, August 25, 2008

Bathroom storage solutions

I feel shame right now.

That is our guest bathroom. As you can see, I conquered it - in entirely the wrong way.

The Boy and I bought our first house a few months ago, and it is an amazing house. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, close to downtown Orlando, in a beautiful neighborhood, and has a huge yard. We got engaged in the spring, and then we were ready to officially move in together.

Well, I come with a lot of stuff. As much as part of me detests materialism, another part of me definitely enjoys the materials. Oops. I was initially taking over the master bathroom, but between the poor lighting and sharing the counter space with the Boy, that did not work out so well. I gradually began moving my make-up and eventually other toiletries into what you see here.

What a mess. I need to figure out some more aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and cheap storage solutions. Something I would not be embarassed for someone to see sitting on the counter, but I could easily stow it under the sink if I had a minute to spare. And did I mention cheap? House buying and wedding planning are expensive endeavors.

Temptalia has posted a few different storage solutions of her own and her readers. Musings of a Muse recently posted a frugal option for small storage needs, and even a collection of videos on all of her makeup storage. If you are really into MAC, Vanessa at Nessasarymakeup posted about a Container Store product that perfectly holds her MAC palettes.

I need to figure out something. Wish me luck!

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