Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils

I am getting married in October (eeeeek! The wedding planning process definitely deserves posts of its own). In an effort to keep things simple, I am going to be doing my own make-up. I have mentioned here that my skin is fussy and sensitive. A friend of mine makes fun of me for calling it Angry Skin, but that's what it is. So my wedding day is not the day to experiment with new make-up lines, and even a trial run wouldn't be enough to calm my concerns about how the make-up would actually end up looking on the W-Day.

Plus, I am frugal and canot stand the thought of paying someone a hundred bucks to do my make-up. Not when I have already wasted invested so much money in make-up of own!

Of course, even though I already have a bathroom full of make-up, it doesn't mean I can't use a bit more. I would like to find a good undereye concealer, and I need a longer lasting lip color. On a normal day, my usual glosses and creamy lipsticks won't last more than a few hours. Since I don't want to be bothered with reapplying during the reception, I've been looking into some longer wear solutions.

Enter Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils. I've never bought anything from UD's 24/7 line, but I've tested their eye pencils at Sephora enough times to know just how well that product stays on. If the lip pencil could do the same, then it might be the solution to my predicament.

Below are the lip pencils, freshly applied to the back of my hand. Naked, Heavy, Gash, Wicked, and Envious. Ozone, which is clear, is not pictured because the tester was not available. Naked is a dark neutral, Heavy has bronze shimmer, Gash is red, Wicked ispearly pink, and Envious is a berry shade. (For those curious, the reddish mark at the bottom is where I smeared Urban Decay's Lip Envy lip stain in Envious, and below that are some other lip pencil marks.)

Below you will see how my hand looked that evening after washing my hands multiple times, using make-up remover, and using alcohol. This stuff did not want to come off.

Finally, this is the next day after washing my hands multiple times, using make-up remover, using alcohol, and a shower. Barely there, but you can still see the ghost of it.

So, I'm impressed. I used Neutral on my lips, and it lasted several hours. Nothing put a dent in it until I had some greasy enchiladas for dinner, and even then it wasn't worn off. Another nice feature is that it wore off evenly, so there was no odd-looking rim of lipliner to deal with.

At $17, it is on the pricey side as far as I am concerned, but I am glad I discovered this option.

Although not as pricey as it once was, at least for a limited time. Urban Decay is offering 30% off discount until 8/28/08 when you use the discount code FFL30 during checkout. Guess I'll be making a purchase!

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