Monday, September 29, 2008

The Amazingly Organized Binder of the Totally Awesome Wedding of Victoria and The Boy

Bridal Shower

MOH Kelly with The Binder.

I love this binder. My love for this binder would actually be a little embarassing if I was the sort to get embarassed. It is something I am proud of, and other people (like my vendors) seem to be impressed by it. Either that or they just don't meet too many organizational nuts like me.

Right after getting engaged, I started search for wedding planners. Unfortunately, the selection in my local bookstores and what I could find on the internet was underwhelming. Nothing fit my exact needs, and very few had the flexibility to expand as new topics were added to the planning. I needed something highly personalized.

The binder is one I had laying around from my student days (writing that, it seems as though it was long ago, but I have to remind myself I only just graduated a month and a half ago with my Master's). Target furnished me with tabbed dividers with pockets. Now, I just had to fill it.

Luckily, during my internet search, I came across some very helpful templates and forms I could use as a starting point. The first thing I did was search Microsoft Office Online's site for wedding-related Excel and Word documents. If other people already put the work into it, who was I to not take advantage of their generosity? Thank you to the kind creators who made the Excel template I ended up using for the guest list and the gifts received list! So pretty, so functional, and really, I cannot ask more of my organizational tools.

Real Simple has a master guide you can download and print for a binder such as this. It has everything from a vendor contact list to a liquor worksheet.

Another site with great templates is russell+hazel. With over 50 different templates ranging from bridal salon appointments to a music play/do not play list, this resource is more particular but definitely handy.

Once I had the binder ready to go, I started printing out pictures I found inspiring and somehow related to the aesthetic I wanted for the wedding.


Wedding Hair Trial

So, get cracking! No need to shell out money for those wedding planners that won't fit your specific needs. Tailor one to yourself and your wedding.

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