Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sinful Colors' Dancing Nails

One of my favorite Sinful Colors' polishes, Dancing Nails.

Dancing Nails is one of my absolutely favorite Sinful Colors polishes. It is a metallic rosy medium pink shade. The formula is top notch, and goes on fabulously (unlike the previous Sinful Colors' Daddy's Girl polish that I reviewed).

There are lots of beauty bloggers out there writing about the fall nail collections, but I certainly have not seen this one come up. I popped into my local Wal-greens the other day to get a polish as a pick-me-up (yes, I am guilty of this) when I spotted this display.

How cool! I could not find any mention of this Team Colors collection on the Sinful Colors website, but I am assuming it is their Fall 2008 collection. Unfortunately, I was on my way to meet a friend for dinner and did not have time to nab the names of the polishes. The green one is called "Show Me The Way" - I know, because that is the one I bought. But now I am thinking maybe I should have gotten the blue polish. They go from blue, green, yellow, maroon, white, red, orange, and black. Check them out if a store near you carries this line.

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