Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"My Fantasy Wedding" Video Game

While I was wandering through Target, I stumbled across "My Fantasy Wedding" video game.


Um, no.


Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Right. So. Admittedly, I have not particularly enjoyed planning my wedding. There were certain disadvantages, like I had always wanted to elope, always wanted a teeny tiny wedding, and always wanted to not blow a ton of money on a wedding. Always. The big fluffy dress, the ornate table settings, and hundred or two of your closest family and friends - nice for some people, but I could never identify with it. So when Rob and I got engaged, I knew I was in trouble because he had always made it clear he wanted a big wedding.

Throughout the process, we have made a lot of compromises, but it has been tough. Nothing I would glamorize. There is a reason I love the blog I Hate Planning My Wedding so much.

So this game kills me. Really? Do we need to further encourage little girls, the apparent demographic for this video game, to idealize their weddings? Is there any sort of financial component to this game when it comes to the "Wedding Mall" where the player picks out her dress, veil, rings, makeup, and flowers? Is there an option to click for when the parents involved aren't willing or able to contribute money, so you need to cap your budget at a lower amount? Is there a crazy aunt that shows up during the reception and mars some of the photos in the wedding album commemorating "your fantasy wedding?" Seriously, I want to know.

But not enough to buy the game, reward the developers, and shriek as I play the game to find out.


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  1. I agree this is silly. They should have a "My healthy relationship" video game where you learn to compromise, healthy communication skills, and how to apologize effectively. They should market it as a MoRG or whatever the acronym is for the games the boys like to play. You "level up" to ultimate boyfriend/husband and get rewarded by lots of appreciative sex and blowjobs.