Thursday, September 18, 2008

Website Crushes: Cupcake pr0n

Back when I lived in Tallahassee, one of my flatmates had a real thing for the Food Channel. Anytime she turned on the television, she was guaranteed to flip to that channel. We teased her by saying she needed her dose of food porn.

Well, I guess I am no different, but I am a little pickier than my former roommate about the food I enjoy seeing prepared. Cakes and sweet treats and all that sort of thing are what hit the spot visually (and usually physically, unfortunately). I once caught an show on sugar sculptures - oh my goodness! The beauty, the stress, the anxious movements of transporting these towering, fragile sculptures to be judged - good entertainment.

For the more mundane, I enjoy cakes as well. And cupcakes! Like widdle baby cakes, soooo cute. (I'm disgusting, I know.) Now that I have discovered that there are entire blogs dedicated to food, beautifully prepared food... Most of them do not post pictures of their own cupcakes, but scour the internet to find pictures of other's efforts for your enjoyment. So here, enjoy some cupcake pr0n.

From the Blog Cupcaked D'lights

burgundy rose by Zalita.

Wedding cupcakes are certainly a cool idea I have stumbled across during my own wedding planning process. By Zalita.

From the Blog Cupcake Artists

Pastry + Video Game theme = Awesome.

From the Blog Bakerella

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes!

Mmm, half-eaten cupcake. Photo by Joey Ivansco.

Man, now I want to eat some cupcakes. Oops.

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  1. Cupcakes seem to be all the craze lately, it seems specialty shops are popping up more, I'm hearing them randomly referred to (or maybe it's just you randomly referring to them!), and they are popping up in my google reader in various ways. Odd but understandable: they are freaking adorable, sweet, savory, muffins of love. OMG we should so figure out how to make Banana Dream cupcakes! We could do it!

    Sugar sculpture specials are my favorite Food Network show. The drama! The sadness when the crash to the ground, shattering into a million different pieces! Oh the horror!