Friday, September 26, 2008

Engagement Pictures

The day after the bridal shower and bachelorette party, The Boy and I had an engagement photo session. My niece Michelle has been wanting to break into professional photography for years, and just recently has begun making that a reality. She was excited to have the opportunity to do our engagement photos, and we were excited she was interested in doing it.

We knew we wanted to do some of our photos at Lake Eola, a park in downtown Orlando and the site of where we got engaged. As we were driving to Lake Eola, Michelle pointed out a different park with a large fountain and attractive steps, so we made an impromptu stop to snap some photos. This turned out to be Baldwin Park.

engagement 021 copy

engagement 022

The pictures where we are not looking at the camera tend to be my favorites. I enjoy candid shots.

Then it was off to Lake Eola.

engagement 044 copy

This was the gazebo where he proposed. Unfortunately, it was being renovated so this was as close as we could get and the only angle we could use to take pictures without getting shots of unattractive scaffolding

engagement 054

engagement 072

engagement 127

It was a blast. It's great to finally have some photos of us that aren't "Myspace style" with one of us holding the camera awkwardly in an effort to get it further from our body to take the picture.

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